About us


Who are we ?

We are the untapped potential

We are the intrepid Explorer

We are the Dark horse podium finisher

We are the soul searcher

We are the eco-warrior

We are the masters Competitor

We are the star Gazers

We are the aspiring explorer

We are the weekend Warrior

We are the competitive Athlete

We are the conscious consumer

We are the Privateer

We are Stewards of the wilderness

We are Quality Obsessed

We are the believers in a better world

We are Timeless in mind

We are free

We are wild

We are the wild within

What are we doing ?

We are designing niche products for the conscious consumer.

If we cant design and build it better than what is out there, we don’t feel the need to make it.

Why are we doing this ?

Because we want to protect our wilderness for the generations to come

Because we believe in a better way of doing things.